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Jun 16, 2023

Casual looks for theatergoing

Some think COVID-19 and working from home in sweats or PJs is the reason a casual look has taken over our lives, but fashion has been trending more casual for decades, writes Answer Angel Ellen

Some think COVID-19 and working from home in sweats or PJs is the reason a casual look has taken over our lives, but fashion has been trending more casual for decades, writes Answer Angel Ellen Warren.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I recently spent over $100 apiece on theater tickets for a show that had received rave reviews. I dressed appropriately (I thought) in heels and a good dress. I was stunned that so many women came to the show in T-shirts, shredded jeans, gym shoes and even short shorts. Most men were in some version of those casual looks. Am I hopelessly naive that going to a show is an event that deserves more attention than what we throw on to walk the dog? — Ashley P.

Dear Ashley: I agree with you, but we're fighting a losing battle. Some commentators think COVID-19 and working from home in sweats or PJs is the reason a casual look has taken over our lives, with virtually everyone looking like they're going to a casual picnic instead of dressing more formally for the theater, a wedding, church, a job interview. But fashion has been trending more casual for decades.

It's not going to change, but it doesn't mean you have to. Keep dressing up. I'm on your side.

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am grateful for your recent columns reviewing fashion trends, pro and con. Here's one more that I would like to hear your opinion on. I read somewhere that pleated pants, which were so fashionable a decade or two ago, are now the "new" look in womenswear. Really? I got rid of all of mine years ago. Are they really back in style? — Terrie J.

Dear Terrie: Yes, pleated pants are making a comeback. But on some women they never looked good. The pleats add bulk in the stomach area — which is fine for tall, lean runway models. For you and me and so many women who carry their extra pounds in that region, the pleats call attention to a spot that is not our best feature.

In this case, a full-length mirror is your friend. Sure, try on pleated pants, but take a good hard look before you buy. If you think this is a style you'd like, give it a few months, and I predict pleated pants will be on the sales racks at stores from J. Crew to Nordstrom, Ann Taylor to Bloomingdale's. If you still think this is the look for you, you're in luck. Otherwise, skip this trend.

Angelic Readers

Mary's recent Reader Rant hating on chest pockets on women's tops ("distracting, unattractive") stirred up defenders of those pockets and — in some cases — readers who want more and bigger shirt pockets:

M.S.B. writes, "The trouble with chest pockets on women's tops is that they're too often only decorations. I need a place to stow my glasses, notebook and pen during my workday, but in order to find pockets of adequate size, I have to buy unisex/men's shirts and then have a tailor move the pockets up above my bustline. This is a problem with all pockets on women's clothes — skirts, trousers, jackets, coats, vests, aprons and cargo pants. Manufacturers, take note!"

Jennifer says, "Oh, my gosh, I love chest pockets on women's tops! But only if there are two pockets, not just one, which looks weird. For one thing, on a lightweight summer top especially, they provide an extra layer and prevent the bumps and see-through that most of us dread. Anyone caught in the rain in a thin summer shirt can appreciate chest pockets. Every single one of my travel shirts has two chest pockets. Very often, I have tickets of one kind or another that must be presented again and again. No better place than a chest pocket. Also great for hotel key cards and various transit cards and occasionally even small bills for tipping."

From Patty D.: "Back in the braless 1960s, chest pockets on shirts served an important function: They concealed nipples!"

Reader Rant

From B.W.: "I've been trying to make peace with my large bust for more than 40 years, and I'm also deluxe-size. I'm constantly frustrated at how many tops for big girls assume that I want to show the bust off with a low cut and how many bras in my size aim to create serious cleavage. I want modest coverage."

send your questions and rants — on style, shopping, fashion, makeup and beauty — to [email protected].

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