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Aug 10, 2023

The Best Men's Crochet Shirts in 2023, Tested by Style Editors

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us? The best way to stay breezy in style Whether its TikTok or the runway, men's

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

The best way to stay breezy in style

Whether its TikTok or the runway, men's crochet shirts seem to be everywhere these days. That makes sense, given how breathable and great-looking a wide crochet knit is. The best men's crochet shirts feature unique textures and styles, and their wide knitting patterns provide ample air flow for relief on hot summer days. Some of sharpest-looking men on the planet, i.e. Jason Taytum, Michael B. Jordan, and Pedro Pascal, have turned to the buzzy short sleeve shirt to stay cozy in style.

What makes a men's crochet shirt special is the specific knitting technique used to make them. Simply put, thick yarns are looped around each other, over and over like a chain to create any kind of decorative pattern you can think of. As you might imagine, the more complex the pattern, the more expensive the shirt tends to run. Which is why crochet shirts tend to be pricier than similar polos or knit shirts. The style was popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s, which is why most men's crochet shirts have a vintage vibe. You can keep it low key with a simple pattern in all-white or you can go flashy with an-all out statement piece that plays nice with most neutral shorts. Ahead, we founded up the best men's crochet shirts to shop now, so you can stay fresh and keep your cool (literally) this summer.

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An oversized, slouchy fit goes naturally with a loose crochet knit. The charcoal gray and royal blue diamond pattern on this Todd Snyder polo is slightly nautical and looks perfect with jeans or khaki pants.

Percival went for the 70's throw blanket look, which seems to be the inspiration behind the entire crochet shirt trend. Wear this one fully unbuttoned with a tank top underneath, or with just two or three buttons done up and nothing underneath.

While the pattern stands out on this Reiss crochet cuban shirt, the color pallet makes it easy to style. Any black, white, or blue pants or shorts will do. The cotton/poly blend used is very soft to the touch.

The knit on this short sleeve button down is fine and tight, with gaps of loose knitting to create a stripe-like pattern. Thorsun used a pure white 100% cotton that is breathable, supple, and easy to style.

Kardo makes absolutely everything by hand, which includes the crochet knitting, cutting, sewing, and even attaching the buttons for this shirt. Though the knit is wide, the shirt is fully lined so you can't see through it.

This is just about the best bargain you can find in men's crochet shirts. You get classic medium size pattern, dyed with bold blue and white stripes, topped off with horn buttons. Everything you need in a casual summer party shirt for $28.

When it's hot enough, a crochet sweater vest can indeed be a stand alone shirt. Especially when the multicolor block pattern looks this cool. You can even wear a light jacket over it when the weather cools down.

A deep cut, open neck polo like this is designed to let the summer air in. Beach vibes are oozing from this crochet knit shirt from Abercrombie. Wear it over your favorite swim trunks next time you head for the water.

Even a solid color crochet shirt can be bold when it's vermillion red. While there is a polo collar, the neck is more of a v-neck cut. The fit is slim and a little stretchy, great for wearing with a blazer or subbing in for a T-shirt.

Tightening up the knit on this short-sleeve button down causes it to resemble more of a standard knit shirt. That, combined with a simple stripe pattern, makes this as low-key as crochet shirts get. That makes it an ideal option if you are easing into the trend.

In this case, Grandma Knit is a compliment. This style is based on an antique tablecloth and honestly looks much better as a shirt on sweltering days. The pattern is fine enough to work with a suit for any formal summer events.

NN07 went full vintage with a floral block print. The pattern is actually a very delicate 100% cotton crochet with a full cotton lining. Lean into the retro look by pairing this shirt with some wide leg jeans.

There really is no occasion where this crochet shirt wouldn't work. The blue fading to yellow stripe pattern is bright but simple, and the knit is tight enough that this shirt can pass for a standard short sleeve button down.

A really wide knit shirt with no lining like this one breathes better than a basketball jersey. You can wear a tank or tee underneath but on the hottest days you're going to want rock it solo. Throw on your favorite pair of jorts and you're ready to go.

The double pockets at waist level is a call back to '60s loungewear. Casablanca pays exceptional attention to detail with the thick, exceptionally woven fabric and pearl broach buttons.

Crochet knits are usually stretchy, which works well for a slim fit shirt like this one from Abercrombie. The cream and brown earth tones look best with white shorts, or some really washed out jeans.

Walking the line between sleeveless v-neck t-shirt and sweater vest, this crochet shirt from Etro sports a fun color pallet. Pair it with dark pants or shorts to really accentuate the colors. A nice chain necklace would complete the look.

With a knit so light and delicate, you'll be glad that this shirt is fully lined. That means that you don't really need to wear an undershirt. The floral pattern resembles a monotone aloha shirt made out of lace.

Think of wearing a crochet shirt like you're heading to a coastal vacation, even if you're really just going to a backyard BBQ. You want to stay comfy but still sophisticated. So a pair of chino shorts is always a wise choice, but linen pants are good too, especially with a drawstring waist. If the pattern of the shirt is funky and features multiple colors, then keep the pants or shorts simple-like a solid navy, black, or white.

Solid colored crochet shirts, even if with a lot of detail to the pattern, are much easier to style because you can wear pretty much any bottoms with them. As is almost always the case, you can also wear jeans or summer pants with any crochet shirt. Just make sure you have a great pair of sunglasses on hand to complete the look.

Crochet shirts are meant to stand out in the best way. Even when the shirt is a solid color, the pattern makes it unique. So look for a pattern that catches your eye, but not something you would be uncomfortable wearing. You can go for simpler looks like stripes or checkerboard, all the way up to rainbow floral patterns.

Something to be aware of is that most crochet shirts are going to be hand washed or machine wash on gentle only, which means you should never put crochet shirts in a dryer. All crochet shirts are delicate, so wash them carefully.

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